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Maine Made, Maine Theme gifts + premium Chocolates since 1986!

Spectacle Pond.....Sacopee Valley!  The Carpenter's house on the left has been in the same family since 1884.  The Blueberry Basket is to the far right....hidden in the trees in the fall but not now! Winter, snow and freezing temps are now here!


The "Sweetest" of Days- Saturday February 14th!


Shipping schedule--usually within 2-4 days of placing your order.  Please email or call with questions. Thank you!

   Maine Made Premium Chocolates and other gifts for every day-and every occasion- and-- Holiday! Click here for click here or click here for suggestions!

If you are ordering multiple gifts to different addresses please  call us at 207 490 3919 and we'd be happy to take your order over the phone!

The Blueberry Basket has moved to.. to Spectacle Pond Road Porter ME.  Please call 207 490 3919 or email us at for more information...about our Maine Made Gift and Chocolate Shop in Porter ME....  Store hours to be announced shortly!

Even though our name is the "Blueberry Basket'  99% of our gifts DO NOT COME IN A BASKET!  We do make up a beautiful box of gifts with colorful tissue, doilies, paper shred and a greeting if you want one.  Call us if it's more convenient that ordering on line at 207 490 3919  10 am to 7 pm EST 7 days a week.  Thank you.

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"Gift Inventory Alphabetical Listing of all our Gifts..."

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        Our Top 7 sellers at the Blueberry Basket...        

We have 204 pages on our website... these gift suggestions below are the most popular!  Start here!  If you want to order for multiple addresses- please call us- we can help you!

Maine Made CHOCOLATE covered   - BLUEBERRIES- . Cranberries and others too!

Christmas and any holiday- along with every day Maine Made premium - CHOCOLATES-

Including Maine Made Blue Chocolate covered Blueberries   - WEDDINGS-

Maine's approval by popular vote November 6th 2012 became the 1st state in the Nation to approve same sex gay lesbian marriage...  Please visit a beautiful site at  for all your Wedding needs!!  Over 4 million hits in 18 months!!!  Browse the 450+ Maine Businesses that serviced 10,500 + weddings in 2013.  1700 of which were same-gender couples.  We are listed under "Gift/Favors".

Cape Shore of Yarmouth ME   - BLUEBERRY SOAP and 13 more fragrances...

Buy 5- Cape Shore Balsam Soaps---perfect stocking stuffer- get 1 more free!

Cape Shore of Yarmouth ME   - BLUEBERRY-  TEA-- Holiday and Happy New Year Special!  Buy 3 get- 1 more FREE!

The BEST...Stonewall Kitchen Gourmet Foods of York Maine...Wild Maine  - BLUEBERRY JAM-- and other scrumptious flavors...

Canned Wyman's   - BLUEBERRIES.. and

Maine Hand Made    -BLUEBERRY FABRIC home gift items-placemats, potholders, napkins, coasters, aprons, baby bibs, eye bags, microwave heat warming bags, Blueberry fabric and more!  Custom orders are always welcomed!

Maine Wedding favors...Blueberry Chocolates- Maine Chocolate covered Blueberries- Much better than Dark Chocolate Blueberries!  Red Chocolate covered Cranberries too! Wild Maine Blueberry Jam-Blueberry Tea- Maple Syrup- Wyman's Blueberries- Maine Balsam Pillows etc..


  Hate to remove these pictures from our site as they are so pretty!  Here at the Blueberry Basket we always include a free gift and surprise discounts (our prices have not been increased before the sale- for the sale!) most every day 365 days a year!  We are proud of our great products, service and speedy shipping! 

Yellow leaves covered the yard... and right before 4 days of rain--that ended the foliage!

Our previous location/home was at Orchard Road Parsonsfield FOR SALE which has the BEST VIEW of the White Mountains and over looks the entire private neighborhood.  Perfect custom built home for the kids, pets and you!  View it... sell now! 


After 28 years in the gift industry we supply the HIGHEST QUALITY MAINE GIFTS with the most recognized brand names from Maine.  We understand that "our customers" appreciate our quality products and service!

Comments and Feedback from a few of our customers in case you have never ordered from us before.  We treat every order like it's the!


.....Blueberry Basket has been offering Maine Made and Maine Theme Gifts since 1986! Many of our gifts are created by local craftsmen; we always offer the best value for your shopping dollar. Our # 1 sellers are Maine Blue Chocolate Covered Blueberries & Red Chocolate Cranberries- a perfect wedding or party favor. Custom orders are welcomed. Kids- big and little- love our selection of retro Penny Candy. Yum Yum! Dark Chocolate Blueberry Creams and other luscious Maine chocolates, Maine Gourmet Foods (perfect for the man in your life) along with quality Maine gifts for you or someone special are available for every occasion and holiday. We offer honest personal service and free gift-wrap. To save time, order on line; pick up your order at the shop and save on shipping. Gifts can be boxed for shipping if needed. Surprise discounts too! Since we opened our doors in 1986 we have had many beautiful locations in the Waterboro and Alfred Maine area over a 28 year period. We love the mountains and lakes of the area and our new location is like a "window to the past in simplier times"--Antique farmhouse and barn--Maine the way Life should be!  We are excited    about our Grand Opening Winter of 2015....please call or email us for more information!

Comments and feedback from our wonderful customers!



Wild Maine Blueberry Jam with 4 oz of Maine Blue Chocolate covered Blueberries...

Mini Wild Maine Blueberry Jam by Stonewall Kitchen and 4 oz of Maine Blue Chocolate covered Blueberries....perfect gift from Maine!  Comes in cello bag with ribbons and tag!

$ 10.95  click here  Very popular...perfect gift!!!


For the Holidays.... Holiday Jam with Red Chocolate covered Cranberries

         A hint of orange liqueur brings out the cheerfulness of ripe pears, tart cranberries and sweet raspberries in Stonewall Kitchen's very Holiday jam.  The

               beautiful color and delightful taste make this jam a wonderful addition to your holiday gift giving!  Click here for CHOCOLATES-JAMS


Are you part of our great EMERGENCY SERVICES?  EMT- POLICE- FIRE-GAME WARDEN- or MILITARY?  20% off product total...  Teachers too!!!

This is on "YOUR HONOR"...Thank you for all you do!  Write 20% off under COMMENTS on checkout page!


"One Penny at a time".... We take the difference of your total order amount up to the next dollar and donate it to local causes... EX:  Your total order comes to...  $ 35.45 we take the .55 cents at our expense/donation and support local causes...Thank you for your order... "One Penny at a time".  


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...If you see pictures and info on our site that you would like to use....please contact us first!  We would appreciate it!  Thank you!


Your choices are........SCROLL DOWN TO THE 8 ICONS BELOW..   or visit ...

 "Gift Inventory Alphabetical Listing of all our Gifts..."

We are working on our..SEARCH BUTTON! We are not 100% happy with it so we suggest the Gift Inventory list!

Quality Maine Made GIFTS & Gourmet Foods & Chocolates since 1986 located in the Southwestern Mountains of Maine--Shop on line for convenience..hassle free shopping..delivered right to your door!  We do 99% of our own shopping right on line!  One thing I like is that your order comes in a box so no need to find one if it's a gift!

At the Blueberry Basket there is ......NO minimum order...NO sign in or passwords!  Best prices with speedy shipping and we allllways include a.. FREE gift!  Personalize your gift too!  In a hurry?  Scroll down to the 8 ICONS below or.....Click here...for our Gift Inventory List...Alphabetical!  View shipping chart here..

..We WELCOME you to the Blueberry Basket!  Best prices...specials and a FREE gift (usually 10% of the product price of your order) all the time!  204 pages of Maine Made/Maine theme Gifts--the BEST!!  Most orders shipped within 2-4 days after processing your order.  Everyday gift wrap and greeting always available!  We do our best to offer you Maine, New England and American Made.. gifts from right here in the good old USA--99% of our gifts!  CHOOSE...American made whenever keep AMERICA...GROWIN'!

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Order on line here or phone 207 490 3919 from 10 am to 7 pm EST 7 days a week....and talk to a real live person! Gift Candy Shop hours in Porter Maine to be announced shortly! Thank you from the State of Maine--Get Real Get Maine!

Maine Made Gifts...Maine Gourmet Foods & Crafts...Maine Chocolates since 1986...celebrating 29 years!

Even though our name is the "Blueberry Basket" 99% of our gifts DO NOT come in a BASKET

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              ....You can shop here also...Click on 8 sections below or go to our Gift Inventory here!                


20 pages


Americana Gifts...Red, White & Blue Malt Balls!




28 pages








31 pages

Merry Christmas Slate...Balsam, Cranberry Soap..Stonewall Kitchen Red Pepper Jelly..Christmas Gifts!








30 pages

Maine Made Blue Chocolate Cov. BB's...Stonewall Kitchen...Wyman's BB's & more!

















Red--White and Blue--

Any discounts stated on checkout page...

"Keep on Keepin' on!" &!



                                     "A" is for Apple--




--Chocolate--covered Maine

     Blueberries--the BEST! 

   #1 Seller!  Along with Choc covered

       Cranberries Wedding favors! 

      Pumpkin Pie Malt Balls   




--Blueberry Fields..Forever!

tees..placemats..hotpads...napkins, pot holders..notes..calendars.. mugs...earrings.. and more!

Cape Shore SOAPS #1 Seller-buy 5 get 1 free! 

A day at the BEACH Gifts! Maine Portland Head

 light and other light house here!






Candles-Tapers-Votives-Maine Danica Candles--tin





--Merry Christmas from Maine!

Shop early!  Cape Shore Balsam Soap!                


                                             Maine Chocolates!    

                                                       Great Size...4 oz of the

                                                            BEST! here 

                               Perfect size for any occasion.. 

                                     and for Wedding favors too!                      



               Deep Woods Home--

             Handmade Baskets..keepsake quality! Windbells--and more!

A day at the Beach Gifts! Condo House warming gifts of Gifts for here!





--Gourmet Foods...our


#1 seller Maine Blue Chocolate covered

Blueberries- Cranberries and more!

Coffee-Tea-Cozies-Wyman's Blueberries-Ann Clark Cookie Cutters-Stonewall Kitchen Gourmet Foods-Blueberry Jam and more!   

     Wedding favors: Choc cov BB's--

     Stonewall Kitchen BB Jams..

   Blueberry Tea, Maple Syrup and more!



Salmon Falls Salt Glazed Pottery--

Blueberry Basket design is our

   favorite!  Heirloom--keepsake quality!

 Monroe & Union-- 


 Easy...Fast...Convenient and Safe!



Ordering information  Shipping information which includes Holiday shipping schedule..


Made in Maine Member since 2004

Cornish Association of Businesses since 2014



All rights reserved


contact us at...


       ....Buy American Made and turn the

                              USA around...

....207 490 3919 10 am to 7pm EST 7 days a week &... talk with a real person!  

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24 pages









10 pages

Maine Made Danica Tapers..Votives and Jar Candles!






61 pages

No Country Wind Bells...Draft Stoppers...Pine, Woodland, Seaside Afternoon, Lavender Soap...Loon & Moose Gifts plus!







8 pages

Salmon Falls Blueberry Basket Stoneware...Monroe Saltworks & more!





Below the stop sign is basically the same gift info as above but--with more detail.. have the --TIME-- please read and enjoy below...--IF NOT--....STAY in the white box ABOVE for a quicker transaction!  

                       Thanks for stoppin' by!!!                               

After 28 years in the gift industry we supply the highest quality gifts with the most recognized brand names from Maine.  We understand that "our customers" appreciate our quality products and service!

.....Remember you can always order by phone for convenience at 207 490 3919 10 am - 7 pm EST daily......

       Shipping Chart      Ordering Information & Privacy Policy    Contact Information     What we Believe here at the Blueberry Basket

Discounts  (for Military, EMT Emergency, Fire, Police, Game Warden, # 1 TEACHERS!! Happy Birthday and Surprise Discounts)

Gift ready to    Blueberry everything      WEDDINGS in Maine...our favorite!      Shop Small Saturday in November 

    Christmas Shopping!!   Holiday shipping chart    Personalize your Gift from Maine with special tags...cello bags!

Find us also at and too

Questions? Call 207 490 3919 from 10 am to 7 pm EST 7 days a week....or email

...Welcome to the Blueberry Basket® at Brock Farm...193 Spectacle Pond Road Porter ME 04068.  Previous location: 86 Orchard Rd Parsonsfield ME in the Southwestern Mountains of Maine...picture below-- Green=Spring time!   Formally of Alfred Maine USA 207 490 3919

Blueberry Basket® 2013 All rights reserved

Even though our name is the "Blueberry Basket" 99% of our gifts DO NOT come in a BASKET but please ask!

Please be sure to VISIT ALL 8 sections above....or for convenience visit our alphabetical listing of all our gifts--"Gift Inventory List" here & the top of every page... if you are pressed for time!  Personalize your Maine Made Gift too!


In a hurry?      1    2    3    4    5    6   7....    Click below....


Seems like we are all so busy with limited time and we like to get things done here is a link to our 7  most  popular  gift  items at the Blueberry Basket® for quick shopping!

These are the 7 most popular Maine gift items at the Blueberry Basket...

  Maine Blue Chocolate covered Blueberries..........Blueberry Wedding Chocolates....Cape Shore Blueberry  soap +12..........Cape Shore Blueberry Tea +4..........Stonewall Kitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam + more.. and of course Wyman's tiny Maine Blueberries...which can all be enclosed in a cello bag for any occasion..........and Blueberry fabric Maine Made Home gift items by Joy.........placemats, potholders, coasters, napkins, mini gift totes, tie towels, microwave corn bags, draft stoppers and tea cozies!  Which all make a great start of a Blueberry Basket®!

Maine Gifts...Gourmet Foods and Maine Goodies...Collectibles and crafts since 1986!   Our favorite are the Maine Made Blue chocolate covered Blueberries....Red chocolate covered Cranberries along with all the other Maine Made chocolates that are always the best price!

As Always...Easy...Convenient...FAST & Safe!  Save $$$$ and time...Shop on line!

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...Place your order here on line or call us at 207 490 3919 to talk to a "real live person" from 10 am to 7 pm EST

______________________What's up at the Blueberry Basket® in January 2015!________________________

     ...Ossipee Mountains of NH seen from previous location of the Blueberry Basket® Parsonsfield ME...Ossipee NH...Mt. Washington is to the far right clouded over...  We are 60 road miles and 33 as the crow flies miles from Mt. Washington... Whittier...Chocoura...and the 3 Sisters....ah SPRINGTIME!  Would you like to see this view 24/7?  click here as our previous home and the home of the Blueberry Basket...(not the one in the picture)...House for sale--priced to sell--in Parsonsfield- South western Maine!


Maine Made Blue Chocolate covered Blueberries and of course, Luscious Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Blueberry Creams...Red Chocolate covered Cranberries are Maine's favorite treat!  Maine Chocolates...Gourmet Malt Balls flavors: Pumpkin Pie Malt Balls, and Holiday Malt Balls:  Eggnog, Irish Cream and Cranberry!!  Other Maine favorites... Dark Chocolate Non Pariels the best enjoyed with roasted salted whole almonds...hmmmmm!!! Milk Chocolate covered Oreos, Grahams, Non pariels yum yum!  Like being in a Maine Candy store!

Blueberry Basket® 2013 All rights reserved


 Maine Goodies are always a hit...Maine Made the BEST!  Maine Chocolate covered Blueberries have a LOVE potion ingredient...Great WEDDING favor!

Our # 1 Seller is the Maine Blue chocolate covered Blueberries ..We... and our customers think they are much BETTER than Dark Chocolate covered Blueberries!  Best price and Made in Maine!  Real after taste just the great taste of Maine!  Remember every Holiday in 2015 with Maine Chocolates........

..# 1 Maine Chocolate Day is....Valentines Day February 14th.....St. Patrick's March 17th and Maine Maple Sunday March 23rd...Palm Sunday April 13th and Easter April 20th...Easter Chocolates! 

Maine Chocolates for Mother's Day is May 11th and Father's Day June 15th...a perfect gift of Maine Made Chocolates.  Flag Day June 14th and School Vacation!!!  Celebrate the 4th of July...July 28th Parents Day....Alfred Festival 19th -21st....Sunday August 3rd Friendship Day......

Fall....perfect time for Maine Chocolates.....September 1st Labor Day and back to school...September 8th grandparents day...October 13th Columbus Day and Wednesday October 16th.. National Boss Day...Halloween Candy October 31st...November 11th is Veterans day and the Holidays begin:  Thanksgiving Thursday November 27th and Christmas Thursday December 25th...and then if you need more chocolate celebrate New Years Eve with more!!! Is this your Birthday month?  If so write it under "comments" on the check out page for 10% off......product only......

Blueberry Basket® 2013 All rights reserved


Maine-  the way life should be!  Ossipee Hills seen from our previous location Blueberry Basket®... with Mountains of New Hampshire FALL SUNRISE! 40+ mile view and what a gift! 

Mt. Washington is to the far right. Elevation 6288 feet..."Agiocohook" or "Home of the Great Spirit"...Just 10 minutes from these hills is Cornish Maine and Kezar Falls with Gift Shops...Antique Shops...Krista's Restaurant which by the way is featured in "Maine" magazine May 2011...Village Jewelers...Cornish Inn...Lily's Florist...At Once All Agog Toy store and more!  Close by is Province Lake Golf course. Kezar Falls--we are just over the bridge on Rt 25..head up School Street to beautiful Sacopee Valley Spectacle Ponds!! Just 45 minutes away is North Conway with more of the same.  King Pine Skiing close in East Madison NH...Fryeburg is just 35 minutes.  Just 8 miles to Limerick-- Good food at Hungry Hollow Cafe, Custom House Antiques Gallery--fun place to browse & shop and Clipper Merchant Tea house with luscious goodies.  Please visit CAB ..Cornish Association of Businesses to view what Sacopee Valley has to offer-

Updated daily....Saturday January 24th 2015----more snow! 

Blueberry Basket has moved to Spectacle Pond Road Porter ME.!  Please call 207 490 3919 or email us at for more information...about our Maine Made Gift and Candy Shop in Porter ME...  Store hours to be announced shortly!

Ask about our "one PENNY at a time"......

Winta.........Blueberry Basket is to the far right

Ice Out April 19 2014

Spring time.........

George French Photo 1940's... man in boat... taken from the Porter ME 200 years 2007 History book...I didn't know when I was taking my pictures that someone else had the same thought so many years ago..  The Carpenter house on the left is still in the same family since 1884.  The Blueberry Basket is on the right..

The weather?  It's Maine just wait a minute! 

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        Is it your Happy Birthdaytoday or in January?  We'll take 10% off your order..product only..tell us on the checkout page!

             ...Make Cookies with Ann Clark Cookie Cutters of VT...State of Maine Shape....Lobster...Moose & Puffin...Flag & 137 more!


 Ice is still nice....Winter......ICE...  Parsonsfield ME


GLORIA AND JOHN TAKING A BREAK IN EATON VILLAGE NEW Eaton Village Store....CRYSTAL LAKE!  Neat place even has an old type US Post Office there..



Blueberry Basket® 2013 All rights reserved

email us at  call 207 490 3919 10am - 7 pm EST 7 days a week...


Maine's approval by popular vote November 6th 2012 became the 1st state in the Nation to approve same sex gay lesbian marriage...  Please visit a beautiful site  for all your Wedding needs!!  Over 4 million hits in 18 months!!! Over 4 million hits in 18 months!!!  Browse the 450+ Maine Businesses that serviced 10,500 + weddings in 2013.  1700 of which were same-gender couples.   

...Hand Made Baskets ... fill with Maine Made Blue Chocolate covered Blueberries!  In memory of our best friend Bonnie of the Basket Bin Hollis ME



at      also  Visit us on along with Shoooeeezzzs and the OUGHT!


Saturday November 22nd...Shop Small...celebrate Small Business by shopping locally! 


BLUEBERRY BASKET© Celebrating 29 years!  Maine Made!

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  If you see pictures and info on our site that you would like to use....please contact us first!  We would appreciate it!   Please give "credit" where credit is due....Thank you!


                                      In Memory of our BIG black cat.....Ought-N-Ought...                     West Kennebunk Maine Animal Shelter


                         Visit "Shoooeeezzzs and the Ought" on FB....Ought-N-Ought's brother Ought-E-Ought......A day in the life of 2 ordinary Maine Cats!

.....Blueberry Basket Maine Gift Inventory here!


Buy American Made and turn the USA around...

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